How do I bypass the blocking of 22Bet?

Блокировка сайт 1хБет
Bookmaker’s office 22Bet is quite actively developing and winning its niche in the sports gambling market. For sports betting, 22Bet can already compete with the oldest bookmakers. The gambling business is also actively developing. All this contributes to increasing brand awareness among bettors and the regulatory authorities of the states where the latter reside. Therefore, it is not surprising that with the growing popularity of the office players faced with the blocking of 22Bet website in their countries. This article discusses the reasons for this phenomenon and how to circumvent the restrictions on visiting the gaming portal.

Why is the site of 22bet blocked?

The official website of Bet 22bet is licensed by the registrar from Curacao. Many countries accept the license and do not forbid the players to use the services of the office. In those countries where license 8048/JAZ is not recognized or gambling is prohibited, access to the resource is problematic. Thus, the bookmaker’s portal 22Bet was included in the „black list“ of banned websites on the territory of the Russian Federation. Therefore, at the request of Roskomnadzor, the gaming portal has been blocked by all Internet service providers.

There are several reasons why 22Bet’s website is blocked:

  • Technical failure. Rarely, but still sometimes the portal may not work due to problems on the side of the bookmaker. In such a case, it is worth checking the information on the official pages of the company in social networks.
  • Scheduled maintenance/preventive maintenance. The bookmaker warns about scheduled work on the website in advance.
  • Access to the site is blocked 22bet. Users from not all countries can use the services of the bookmaker’s office. The company still restricts access to the site to bettors from the regions where there are restrictions and problems with the gambling laws.
  • The website is blocked by internet service providers. In some countries where the company is actively building its business, it is not possible to access the portal. It is blocked by local ISPs.

Не удалось соеденится с сервером 22Бет

To find out what the reason is for 22Bet’s website being blocked, you need to look at the error in your browser:

  • If a white screen appears, it is a server-side error.
  • If the website takes a long time to load and an error message appears, 500, 501, 503 – server-side error.
  • When portal has not yet loaded and displays „Failed to connect to server“ message – blocked by internet providers.
  • If portal 22Bet has loaded but there is a message „Access to the site is restricted“ on the branded screen – the site is not working in the player’s country of residence.

Based on the reason for blocking the bookmaker’s website, you can look for a way around it.

How to get around blocking 22Bet?

Blocking a bookmaker’s office is an unpleasant problem for users, but it cannot be called unsolvable (unless the bookmaker itself does not accept players from certain countries). As demand breeds supply, there are always workarounds.

There are a number of proven and reliable ways to bypass 22Bet’s blocking. The result comes down to one thing: the client hides his real IP address and logs in from an address belonging to another country. In other words, bypassing a blocked site is not accessing it directly through your ISP, but through special servers that encrypt the user’s real IP address.

Below we will consider simple and easy to use methods to bypass the blocking of the 22Bet website.

Сайт 22Bet

Using the 22Bet website mirror

From a technical point of view, the easiest way to connect to a blocked website is to use the 22bet mirror. This option is therefore recommended for newcomers to betting.

A mirror site is a copy of the original site, supporting all the functions and features of the official site of the bookmaker’s office, but with a different alternative internet address. To use the bookmaker’s mirror you need to write to 22Bet’s technical support e-mail and get the website address.

Using a mirror does not require any software installation or configuration. All you have to do is enter the new address into your browser. Another advantage of this method is reliability – it works stably and quickly. In addition, there are no restrictions on the speed of loading pages, the mirror is completely legal and accessible to everyone. But 22Bet’s mirror sites do not work for a long time. Then the addresses are also blocked and it is necessary to contact support to get a new betting portal.

Using VPN services to access 22Bet

The next most common way after mirrors is a VPN service.

VPN (Virtuale Private NetWork) is a virtual private network that allows network connections over another network. Its working principle is to create a secure connection between the user’s computer and the website, bypassing the Internet provider. This allows access to a blocked website.

When using a VPN, the connection to the resource goes through an encrypted channel to a server and through that server to the desired website on the Internet. Since the IP address of the server will be used when connecting to the site, the ISP does not recognise the intermediary as a banned resource, so the connection is not blocked. This ensures a certain level of anonymity for players.

There are many safe free VPN services, but they usually have low speed and reliability. Decent levels of protection and faster transfer speeds are provided by paid VPNs.

In addition to programs and services to use VPN networks, you can install browser plug-ins (often developed by the same services) or use browsers with built-in VPN, such as Orega. You can also use the Tor browser, which changes your IP address each time you connect.

Mobile App from Bet 22Bet

You can download the 22bet mobile app from the bookmaker’s website, which is supported on Android and iOS. In addition to the benefits of placing bets, the program is not afraid of blocking and works even with weak Internet. Therefore, by downloading the app, players will forget about the problem of changing mirrors or paying for a quality VPN service.

The main thing is to use the official app downloaded from the 22Bet website. Otherwise, it is possible to infect your phone with viruses and provide data and access to third parties.

When you cannot access the bookmaker’s website, you should use the suggested options. Thanks to them, players will have uninterrupted access to sports betting and games from 22bet.

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