The 1xBet system: features of placing a bet

Система 1хБет
Experienced bettors choose 1xBet because of its convenient service for placing bets and the availability of complex combined bets. The choice of the latter is quite large, as written about in the article on types of bets. However, complex expresses, 1xBet chains and systems are particularly popular with players. What a 1xBet system is, how to assemble it and how to place it will be discussed in this new article.

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The concept of 1xbet system

Among the combination bets offered by the bookmaker, system is a rather complicated bet. In order to get to grips with it, you need to gain experience with simpler bets. That’s why we recommend this kind of betting to be used exclusively by professionals. Statistics show that systems made by beginners often end up losing.

And so, a 1xbet system is a combination of several expresses, which will play if you win a certain number of selections. Thus, unlike the classic 1xbet express, where all selections must play, the system allows for negative event outcomes.

To understand the number of bets to be played, you need to look at the system dimension. It is written in two numbers, for example „2/3“ or „2 out of 3“. In that case, the combination consists of 3 express bets of 2 outcomes. A minimum of 2 selections must be winning for the 1xBet system to win. As different parlay bets can be played, there is a complicated system for calculating odds and winnings. The bookmaker provides a special scheme (table) to calculate the amount of winnings. The website also has a calculator for making calculations. The latter option will be much more convenient for players who are just starting to use the systems.

Система в 1хБет

Calculation of the 1xbet system

As mentioned in the previous section, you can use a special table or calculator to calculate the winnings in the 1xbet system. Of course, the automatic method of profit calculation is an attractive option. However, when using it, the player will not be able to fully understand the principle of the system. It is better to learn how to calculate this combined bet manually, and only then use other automatic services.

Let us give an example of system calculation in 1xbet, using the betting option „2 out of 3“. Let’s say the user has placed 900 roubles* on 3 football matches:

  • „Wolfsburg will beat Red Bull at odds of 2.50 (event #1).
  • „Manchester United to Atlanta at 2.49 (event #2).
  • „Sevilla at Lille at 1.70 (event #1).

After placing the system, 3 expresses of 2 events in each will be formed. The amount will be divided equally between the express bets, 300 roubles* for each.

In case the 2nd parlay, consisting of events 2 and 3, is played, then the user’s winnings will be: (1.7 * 2.49) * 300 = 1270 roubles*.

And if all variants of bets in 1xBet system will be winning, then you can count on the following winning: (2,5 * 2,49) * 300 + (1,7 * 2,49) * 300 + (2,5 * 1,7) * 300 =1867,5 + 1769,9 + 1275 = 3637 roubles*.

Thus, by placing a system, players receive less winnings than with traditional express bets. However, this type of bet has a better chance of success, and the winnings will be higher than for single bets. Systems are therefore in demand among bettors.

*Or an amount equivalent to another currency.

Таблица расчета системы 1хБет

Placing a system on 1xBet

Making a system on the 1xBet website is easy. All you need to do is select the outcomes you are interested in from the available choices in the „Line“ or „Live“ sections. Then you need to add at least 3 selections to your betting slip and find a system in the betting types field. A numerical symbol will be added to it, which indicates the number of parlays in the combination. If you select 3 selections, the bookmaker will suggest a 2/3 system. Then the final step is to specify the bet amount and place the bet.

Although it is not difficult to place a 1xBet System bet, there are some peculiarities to keep in mind:

  • The minimum number of outcomes in the system is 3.
  • The maximum number of choices is 20. Thus, the maximum number of possible outcomes is 184,756.
  • The bookmaker does not set a minimum betting amount.

In this way, the user can decide on the matches in line or in play and form his own system. The more events there are in the combination, the more winnings await players on the site of 1xbet.

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