The old version of 1xBet: features and differences

1хБет старая версия
The first lite version of 1xBet’s website was launched in 2012, when the company resolved the licensing issue. A leading web studio in the gambling market worked on the creation of the platform. Thanks to this, the website is simple and straightforward on the one hand, and functional and multitasking on the other. Thus, the site quickly attracted thousands of fans worldwide. However, as the project grew, so did the bookmaker’s website. But this was not to the liking of many players. That is why they are looking for an old version of 1xBet. What are its features and how does the old portal differ from the new one?

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Overview of the old version of the site 1xbet

The last major update to the 1xBet website took place in 2019. At the time of writing, 2021, there are already developments of the new portal, which is actively offered to users. If you go to the official 1xBet website you can see the word „New“ next to the logo and a hint about the appearance of a faster and more convenient version of the portal.

Therefore, as of today, the old version of 1xBet’s website is the one that was released in 2019. If a player is looking for an earlier version, you can only check out the design on blogs and forums or go to the webpage archive service ( and see photos of the site in the past.

Смена версии сайта 1хБет

The old version of 1xbet is distinguished by the presence of several levels of the menu in the header of the site. On the first level you can go to app downloads, payment methods, statistics or log in or create an account. The second level brings you to the betting and gaming sections. The total number of menu items is 14, compared with 9 in the previous version.

The work screen is divided into 3 parts: in the centre there is an area with information on betting and games, on the right side there is a login widget, bonuses and important games, and on the left side there is a filter of events or games and additional information about matches.

The strengths of the old 1xBet website include easy navigation (thanks to menus and widgets you can quickly go to the desired section), intuitive interface, responsive design and cross-browser (pages are displayed correctly on different user devices). At the same time slow loading speed through a large number of scripts, congestion of the screen with events – the key drawbacks of the old version of 1xbet. The new version of the portal has managed to solve one of these shortcomings, namely increasing the speed of the site. Although the team should work further on optimizing the platform.

1xbet old version: log in to the portal

As noted in the article „How to log in to 1xBet“, today two versions of the site are available for users – the new and old version of 1xbet. The updated design and functionality of the portal is still in the testing phase. Therefore, the bookmaker offers players to switch to the new version on their own and does not make this step compulsory yet. Thus bettors can log in to the old site of the office at the official address

On forums and websites you can find materials about allegedly alternative access to the site 1xbet through a mirror. In this case, the design of the site remained the old, so that players were comfortable to use the portal. In fact, this is not the case. All official bookmaker mirrors have the same design as the main version. It may be in the old or new version. Therefore, the company does not leave 1xbet mirror sites with old versions of the design.

1хБет новый сайт

Upgrading from the old to the new version of 1xBet

The new version of 1xbet website has several advantages compared to the old version. Firstly, it works faster on all types of devices, as we wrote about earlier. Secondly, the number of betting features in the new version is much larger. Thirdly, there are new sections with answers to popular questions. All this makes using the new version of the site comfortable.

If a player decides to switch from the old version of 1xBet to the new one, it is worth it:

  • Click on the word „New“ next to the company logo and follow the link that will appear in the pop-up window.
  • Type in your browser’s address bar.

It is possible that over time, the new version will replace the old 1xbet website. However, as of 2021, the interface change looks like this.

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