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Спортивные ставки 22Бет
Sports fans or simply gamblers have probably heard of betting at least once. For that, there are many offices that offer their services. Bookmaker 22Bet offers its players not only classic bets on popular sports, but also more unconventional areas such as cyber sports.

With 22Bet you can be confident that the game is fair and reliable and choose events with the highest odds, place orders, spreads, systems as well as combinations such as patches, jacks, chains and multi bets. Consider 22Bet sports betting in more detail.

Sports for betting at 22Bet

Sports betting company offers 23 sports to bet on 22Bet. Among them the most popular are football, basketball, tennis, hockey, volleyball, table tennis, handball and cricket. There are also those that are less popular but have a loyal following: athletics, badminton, baseball, water polo, boat racing, downhill skiing, kabaddi, keirin, beach volleyball, rugby, horse racing, snooker, dog racing, speedway, floorball, futsal and ice hockey.

Every day bettors can choose from over 300 sporting events and around 350 cybersport events. All popular world markets are available for betting. You can also find events from smaller championships. To take advantage of the offer you need to log in to your personal cabinet or register on 22Bet.

Ставки на спорт 22Bet

Variety of bets at 22Bet

Classic single bets, spreads, systems as well as combinations of bets such as patches, latches, chains and multi bets are all available at 22Bet. As it is difficult for newcomers to understand all the intricacies of betting at 22Bet, we decided to briefly describe how they differ from each other:

  • A classic single bet is a regular single bet on one side to win (or draw). It is the simplest and most popular type of bet.
  • A parlay is a series of bets on several events which are combined into a single bet. The consequence of this is that this bet has a higher odds. However, all events in the Parlay need to be won in order to win.
  • A system is a compromise between single bets and single bets and is made up of the latter. Unlike a normal express, a system can win even if some of the selections in the combination lose.
  • A Parlay is a combination of all possible Parlays of the selected events. The minimum number of events in this type of bet is 3, the maximum is 8. To receive a winning by a Patent, at least one selection (i.e. at least 2 of any outcomes) must be correct.
  • Luckybets are formed of single bets and all possible expresses of the selected events. The minimum number of selections in this type of bet is 2, the maximum is 8. To win, all you need to do is select at least one outcome correctly.
  • A chain is a set of single bets made up of events that are independent of each other. The player can choose the betting order himself and bet only on the first event in the chain. After each single bet included in the chain is drawn the sum on this account is calculated.
  • Multi betting is a betting system consisting of multiple bets or single bets.

In addition to the listed variety of bets on the site of the office there are interesting bonuses and promotions 22Bet. Thanks to them you can increase your winnings from placed bets.

Bets on eSports at 22Bet

Online betting on cyber sports has become increasingly popular with the development of the internet at 22Bet. In terms of popularity and betting levels, they are almost equal to the most well known sports such as football, basketball and tennis.

Bets on cybersports and bets on traditional sports have the same logic. Football, for example, involves athletes competing, while cybersports involves gamers controlling characters or teams in an online game.

Ставки на киберспорт 22Бет

Among the games that 22Bet offers its devotees can be found such as:

  • FIFA;
  • Mortal Kombat;
  • Dota;
  • World of Tanks;
  • Counter Strike;
  • NBA Playgrounds;
  • King of Fighters;
  • Sonic;
  • and others.

In addition, users can find bets on cyber hockey, -Basketball, -Volleyball, -NFL, -UFC, -Cricket, -Rugby, -Tennis, -Wrestling, -Rally, -Golf, -Baseball, -Lacrosse and other sports. In total, the bookmaker’s website offers more than 60 types of games for 22bet cyber sports. And that number is growing all the time.

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