What is a chain in 1xBet?

Цепочка в 1хБет
If you write about the advantages of the bookmaker, you can safely name the different types of bets on 1xbet. Currently, 11 types of bets are available in the bookmaker’s offer. We wrote about how to make express and anti-match bets in the previously published materials. In our new article we would like to tell you about 1xBet chain betting. What kind of bets this is and how to make combinations of chains – in the article.

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What does a chain mean at 1xbet?

The expected question from new users not previously encountered from chains in 1xbet, what is it? A chain is a type of bet that includes elements of a parlay and a system. In the first case, 1xbet takes the possibility of forming a sequence from single bets. In the second case, with systems, the user receives „insurance“. When losing one or more bets in a 1xbet chain, the bet does not necessarily lose. The main thing is to have money in the bank for a new bet. This is the strength of a chain, compared to a traditional express.

Thus, when placing a chain, players can expect to make a profit, even if several events don’t play out. A bet is considered a loser when there is no money in the pot to place an initial bet for the next bet in the chain.

As for winning, the more outcomes in a sequence bring a win, the higher the odds for the chain. However, it is not multiplied as in the case of a multi. The calculation of a 1xBet chain is made by a different scheme, as described in the next section.

How is a 1xBet chain calculated?

From the definition it can be understood that a 1xbet chain involves a sequence of single bets. However, the winnings are not counted as easily as in expresses: you lose one bet, you lose all bets. A very different methodology is used for chains. It also applies to the odds calculation.

Let’s give an example of how to calculate winnings and odds in a 1xbet chain. So, there is a bet, which consists of 5 events. The initial size of the bet is 100 rubles*. All events are placed on football matches.

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After completing all the games, we have the following result:

  • The first event, with odds of 2.0 played. The player received a win of 100 * 2.0 = 200 rubles*.
  • The second event was unsuccessful. 100 rubles* (initial bet amount) will be deducted from the bank of 200 rubles*. The player is left with 100 rubles*.
  • The third event is played. The match with odds 2.3 brought the player 100*2.3 = 230 rubles*.
  • The fourth event (odds 1.5) also won. The user receives 230 + (100 * 1.5) = 380 rubles*.
  • The last event lost. The player’s bank has decreased by 100 rubles* and amounts to 260 rubles*.

The bettor’s final result is 280 roubles*. Thus, the final odds in the 1xbet chain are 2.8. Despite losing 2 events in the sequence, the bettor managed to make a small profit. However, it is much smaller than in the case of express bets.

*Or the equivalent of that amount in another currency.

What are the key features of a 1xBet chain?

Despite the fact that 1xbet chains are not complicated types of betting, beginners should pay attention to the peculiarities of forming such combinations. To do so, you need to familiarise yourself with the key features of chains:

  • The events in the sequence are calculated as set by the author. There is no automatically specified chronology here.
  • It is possible to place bets on pre-match and live games. There are no limitations on markets.
  • The amount of the next bet in the 1xBet chain cannot be higher than the first bet.
  • If there is less money left in the bank than the amount of the first bet, the entire balance will be taken.
  • Loss of an event equals the amount of the first bet.
  • The bank in the sequence is calculated after each match.
  • The odds in the chain are not multiplied.

Цепочка 1хБет

Thus, with the right choice of events for a 1xbet chain bet, the player has a pretty good chance of making a profit. Although, again, it won’t be as big as in the case of express bets. From here, we can highlight the key advantages and disadvantages of chains from the bookmaker:

Advantages of a chain Disadvantages of a chain
It is difficult to lose the whole pot – bet Odds are not multiplied, the winnings are smaller
It is easy to make a combination If the first event is not chosen correctly, the whole sequence loses
Possibility to increase the final odds

As you can see from the table, chains at 1xBet are an uncomplicated and quite interesting type of betting, which is worth a try for beginners.

How do I place a chain at 1xBet?

In order to place a chain at 1xBet, a player must first select matches from the „Line“ or „Live“ sections. As written above, the bookmaker does not place any restrictions on markets. Once the user has decided on the desired outcome and clicked on the odds, the bet will be transferred to the betting slip. From two bets in the coupon, the player has the option to form a sequence. To do so, in the drop-down list under all events, find the bet type „Chain“. After the money has been deposited the bet appears in the „Betting history“. The player only has to wait for the result.

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